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Occupational Skills Training

LA CAUSA offers occupational skills training in construction and culinary arts. Both programs are fully funded by the Department of Labor and Amity Foundation.


LA CAUSA offers vocational training in the construction field, that allows participants the opportunity to develop concrete skills while addressing the dilapidated housing conditions in their community. Simultaneously, our participants gain a valuable skill set that can help them earn a living wage and lead to career opportunities. As part of the program, LA CAUSA offers hands-on training at construction sites for all phases of construction, such as framing, finish carpentry, basic plumbing, electrical, roofing and tile setting. Unique to LA CAUSA is a strong presence of young women being trained in the residential construction field.


Construction +
(Hospitality/Culinary Arts)

Our Hospitality and Culinary Arts program is designed to give students the fundamentals in food safety, nutrition, proper food handling and food preparation all while earning an industry recognized credential. While in the program students will also assist with event planning and execution. At the end of the program the students will take the food handlers exam where after passing they will be certified to work in a food service facility.

The student will also be exposed to various hospitality and foodservice venues through field trips and catering. This program is geared for students 17+ years old and will prepare them to work in the Hospitality Industry.

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