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About Us

LA CAUSA YouthBuild is a non-profit organization that provides a safe space built on respect, care, and compassion for young people to grow in. We provide educational and occupational services to youth to help them create a sustainable future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our Mission

Los Angeles Communities Advocating for Unity, Social Justice, and Action, Inc. (LA CAUSA) engages historically disenfranchised young people and their families from East Los Angeles to take action against the injustices that impact low-income communities of color.


LA CAUSA fosters a commitment to social justice and nurtures a variety of skills necessary to act as agents of resistance and community transformation. LA CAUSA fulfills this commitment through the creation of an inclusive and supportive community where we utilize culturally relevant instruction within our educational, vocational, housing and leadership development program.


Our Vision

Creating community.

Inspiring transformation.

Building leaders.

Director's Message


LA CAUSA YouthBuild's Executive Director

I am proud to be part of an organization that was founded with the vision to help youth that were unable to make it through the traditional high school system due to the disparities and life challenges they have faced. The youth we serve often face challenges that are outside of their control, including but not limited to: broken homes, low income households, lack of access to resources, homelessness, foster youth, lack of acceptance for identifying as LGBTQ+, and transitioning from the juvenile justice systems.


Our organization aims to provide a safe space for youth of all backgrounds, where they can focus on a second chance to succeed through their high school education, and pursuing either a vocational career pathway and/or a post-secondary education. Our goal is to make sure that all youth that enter our space, leave feeling empowered to find solutions to the injustices they face in their communities.


As the Executive Director, I know that our work brings hope and serves as the starting point of positive transformation for our youth. The work we do at LA CAUSA is fueled by the heart and passion of our team, our partnerships, and all of our supporters. LA CAUSA makes a difference in the lives of all the youth that come through our doors. LA CAUSA lives on.

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Develop an understanding of one another by respecting each other's beliefs, culture, and space.


Provide a safe place that allows all people to feel confident, loved and cared for.


Implement a system of boundaries, high expectations, support and consistency to allow all people the opportunity to reach their goals while overcoming the challenges they face in their day to day life.

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