Who We Are

LA CAUSA is a leadership and community development organization for youth who did not succeed in the traditional school system.

LA CAUSA is dedicated to coaching youth through the process of their own self-empowerment while assisting them address issues that are most importance to them including:

Earning their High School Diploma, obtaining a career with a living wage, preparing for a college education, participating in meaningful leadership activities within their communities, nurturing a critical consciousness of the challenges faced by their community, and developing the skills to take action in transforming these conditions.


LA CAUSA Believes

The community needs more diverse, effective and locally educated and trained leaders.

LA CAUSA Assists Students 

With obtaining a high school diploma, gain construction vocational skills and leadership skills. With developing social awareness of issues affecting their community.



Take part in leadership training classes. Commit to completing the program, including community service hours that are relevant for the community.

What We Do

Fulfill the need for youth programs that supply marginalized young people with culturally relevant education and vocational training.

Partake in filling the need for rehabilitation and construction of homes for low-income community residents.

Hold classroom instruction from 8:30am to 3:40pm, Monday through Friday; and operate on a traditional academic year beginning in September and ending in June of the following years.

About the Participants

* 80-100 young adults enrolled annually

* 100% are low income

* 100% do no have a high school diploma

* 80% are over 18 year old

* 49% are male; 51% are female

* 5% are involved with the legal system

* 10% are parents



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